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ISS – is a free special KIBO for 2021

Pokemon sword and shield Celebrating the beginning 2021 With one Picasso Special It can be obtained Free Following the celebratory broadcast from ISS, with a new secret prize attempt within the game.

As we recently announced, the International Space Station celebrated 2021 directly with the special participation of Pokemon, especially a Picasso appeared in developed reality When streaming.

The same picachu can now be downloaded for free on Pokemon Sword and Shield, by following the usual method to follow these efforts: Reach the section Secret gift In the game’s internal menu and select the creator via the Internet to download.

The result is a Level 21 Special KIBO Pikachu Comet piece Can be used as a tool and variety Moving The latter, such as Comet, Fullmine, Desterio and Aguirre, are intended exclusively for celebration and are somewhat themed around the anniversary.

Picasso Kibo is available Download Tamil Until January 15, 2021, there is still some time to download it for free if you are interested. For the rest, let’s remember that we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series in 2021 and that some rumors will soon be talking about a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

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