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After the iPhone with USB-C port, here is the first Android ... with a lightning port

After the iPhone with USB-C port, here is the first Android … with a lightning port

Swiss robotics engineering student Ken Pillonel, who has already achieved the feat of integrating a USB-C port on the iPhone, set himself a brand new challenge on April 1: integrating the Lightning port … on the Android smartphone. .

Samsung with Lightning Port … We saw it all. // Source: Simulation Exploring (Kenny Pie)

Ken Philonal, Kenny Pie of the YouTube channel Exploring the Simulation, was not on his first attempt. This Swiss robot is an engineering student, already Able to integrate USB-C port on iPhone X. A few months ago, apparently stuck in the game and decided to repeat the record, this time took the opposite side: integrating a port Lightning On one Skills Android.

Replace the USB-C with the lighting port to restore the balance of the universe

In which New video Released on April 1, he explained that he had set up a challenge to change himself Samsung Galaxy A51 It has a standard USB-C 2.0 port with a Lightning port that will pull any Android fanatic.

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Needed April 1st, we are not getting rid of another fish. So we take this video with a little salt, and only after watching a little more can this achievement be taken for granted. According to the first pictures shared by the videographer, the task still seems difficult, but not impossible.

Do not think that changing the connector of the smartphone is very easy. To replace the USB-C port with the Lighting port, read the full electronics of the smartphone’s printed circuit to find an alternative solution. This little achievement makes you laugh, at a time when Europe is trying to commit itself Apple At Switch to USB Type-C

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The worst part is it works

The Lightning port, once installed, manages to be fully functional and takes charge of the device charging and data transfer. On the other hand, it was not much interest … that, the young engineer questioned Engadget Knows this well:

“IPhone cables are protected, they can only charge Apple devices, so I had to figure out a way to deceive people into thinking that the cable was plugged into an Apple device. And the whole thing had to fit into the phone, which is another challenge. (…) Did not expect. It was fun, I wanted to see if I could do it.

It also says that a video describing the process will be coming soon. Perhaps this initiative deserves to show Apple and Android fans that they are no different. We can dream.

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