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After the cancellation of the Ice Hockey World Championship: The players were robbed of their dream-game

After the cancellation of the Ice Hockey World Championship: The players were robbed of their dream-game

Laura Glக்ck, 24, from Berlin, actually wanted to sit on the second day of her isolation in a hotel room in Truro, a city of 13,000 people in the western Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It was supposed to be a single room, with self-isolation scheduled for nine days.

The food is placed in front of her door and the exercises have to walk through the zoom just like group meetings. A hike to the Salmon River or a visit to the Agricultural University is not possible. Here she could have seen firsthand whether the six original parts of the Berlin Wall actually existed or not.

But then everything turned out differently. Laura Glck now sits in front of the TV in her old children’s room at her parents’ apartment in Alt-Hohenshanhausen. He is even allowed to go for a walk, go shopping, and finally see close relatives, for whom he has had less time in recent years.

Instead of boarding a flight to Canada last Thursday, he sat in his car and drove from Fusan to Berlin. Half a day ago, he received bad news from interim national coach Francisco Bush and team manager Julia Cranke. “Then it was quiet for a while, and questions of frustration and‘ why ’arose,” Close says.

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“After that we talked a lot. For some it would have been the first World Cup, so the disappointment was definitely huge, while others wanted to play another World Cup again, so the disappointment was huge too. Some had previously returned from injuries. We talked and tried to support each other. ”

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“Women’s ice hockey is the best”

Many of the players on the ten participating teams felt as badly beaten as some of the players on the German Ice Hockey World Cup squad. For example, Jill Sallnier of the Canadian team was so excited about her own World Cup that she closed her long post on the social media site Instagram with the words: “I love this state, but we are incredibly disappointed that this is what dreams are robbed! ”

Minamari Dominen, a Finnish woman, wrote on the same portal, “Women’s ice hockey is the best. For example a project b. “It simply came to our notice then. Those in charge of Hockey Canada, the association that wanted to host the tournament in conjunction with the World Ice Hockey Association IIHF, had a close trial and long isolation strategy for matches at Halifax and Troy based on their experiences of the U20 World Cup. For juniors in Edmonton at the end of 2020.

They were carried forward for a long time in Nova Scotia. But as the number of cases there increased again, new travel restrictions for the province were decided. As a result, Nova Scotia’s Premier Ian Rank’s withdrew match approval for the event. “I am very sorry for the short-term nature of this decision, but the rapid deterioration of the situation motivates us to make this decision in the best interests of the residents and participants in Nova Scotia,” he was quoted as saying.

“If it had been the Men’s World Cup, it would definitely not have been canceled.”

It was a very difficult decision that one would have liked in one or the other match that took place in the men’s area where the athletes were affected. Now, to all people, she meets the women of ice hockey, the 2020 World Cup had to be canceled due to the Govt-19, and the Olympic qualifying competition for the Games to be held in Beijing 2022 comes after several postponements this year.
“I think we have very little background on how it really went,” says interim national coach Bush, who returns to the biggest criticism. “The big question is why not a big project.

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Like the boys from the U18 juniors we prepared ourselves in Fusan and had a good overview of what to expect and what not to expect. The situation between the United States and Canada is completely different. Maybe it would have been the other way around. One never knows … ”
On Tuesday, the World Union IIHF and participating countries will be instructed on how to proceed. Hockey Canada definitely wants to host the 2021 World Cup. At the beginning of the year, from August 20 to 30, 2021 was already in the room.
Meanwhile, Laura Glck will take a short break from the game and relax the body. Although she understands that the World Cup arena was stopped for the health benefit of many, she thinks it’s right, but she says: “If it had been a men’s World Cup, it certainly would not have been canceled.”