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After his return, Thomas Baskett holds a press conference

After his return, Thomas Baskett holds a press conference

Space – Three days after the return of SpaceX crew to Earth, Thomas Baskett He took off from the International Space Station on Friday, November 12.

At this press conference, the French astronaut will return to various aspects of this six-month journey into space. Back in the Crew Dragon Through space travel he achieved the European record of time outside the ISS.

After him Trench On November 9 in Florida, Thomas Baskett He is currently in Cologne, Germany, where he is being closely followed by the ESA medical team.

>> Summarize below the key moments of Thomas Baskett’s conference.

Conclusion of the press conference for the return of Thomas Baskett

Thomas Baskett had to leave at 11:10 a.m. for a medical appointment so he could not go permanently. Thanks to everyone who followed this conference The Hoppost See you soon for other adventures of Thomas Baskett.

Part of the interview is in English

Best Bilingual, Thomas Baskett now answers questions from international magazines.

Minor technical problem at ESA

The press conference may have been interrupted due to a technical glitch. We can hear the explanation that an operator cannot do “stage”.

In space, we dream of zero gravity

“I dreamed at the station a few times and it was weightless. It was done according to the rules of the physical environment I was in.

Two key events for Commander Baskett to manage

During the last weeks of his stay, Thomas Basket became the first French captain of the ISS. In this role he mentions two events that he has to manage.

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First, the arrival of unskilled astronauts, with the arrival of the Russian actress and director in October Shooting of the first film in space. “They were not professionals, but in the end it went well. We agreed to the rules well but firmly. It turns out they were very professional and it went well,” Thomas Baskett said.

“The other aspect of the captain’s role is in emergencies. It’s a dictatorial style, and only one person needs to make a decision if the machine is in danger. , Thomas Pesket believes, especially since everything went right: “We have not lost contact with the ground control center. In the end, we distributed the characters so everything was done with good understanding. ”

Go to Mars, OK, but without taking too much risk

One of the main challenges of prevention is a Human journey to Mars Today, it is space radiation, dangerous to health. But research is ongoing and there are solutions, the astronaut recalled.

“In radiation, one of the solutions is water. If water reserves were designed to act as a ‘wall’ for the ship, we would have succeeded. But it is difficult to control water at zero gravity,” said Thomas Baskett.

This is to measure the risk of radiation in health. “If we accept the maximum 3% risk, a trip to Mars will not pass, but at 5% we can say that it will pass. Then personally, I did not go there as 3%, 5%.

Little joy after returning to earth

Rain, quite simply. Yes, water falls on us, it needs gravity.

Thomas Baskett wanted the crew to return to the dragon

As Thomas Pesket went into space twice, he made two return missions, first by the Russian spacecraft Soyuz, and second by the SpaceX Crew Dragon. The French astronaut estimates that the impact through the SpaceX capsule will be much sweeter if he believes “it makes the brakes a little harder on the crew”.

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“The Soyuz landing was a bit violent because it was done on the ground, we hit hard. The capsule would then roll, which gives the impression of a car crash with barrels. For the Crew Dragon, we had the opportunity to land in the ocean of oil. , Because after six months of weight loss, we are tested.Overall, we can say that the landing was very smooth.

The most difficult moment? Space styles

“Evolution at zero gravity is easier than on Earth. Space walks are very difficult, a scuba protects us, but restricts our movement. 6 to 7 hours, we fight against this armor, it takes a few days to recover from it.

Thomas Baskett: “Things are going well”

Thomas Baskett came in and started by reassuring everyone: “This is going well”. The astronaut recalled that since his return, he had been closely examined by doctors and scientists: “We have models that, once they touch the Earth, must be taken before we can get used to it again. The landscape environment.”

Before the basket, Moon aims

Although Thomas Pesket is not yet on screen, ESA officials have recalled that the European company and NASA’s next goal is to return to the moon. The first phase with the Artemis 1 mission will take place on February 12, which will put the Orion spacecraft into orbit around our satellite.

Very detailed summary of Thomas Baskett’s stay in space

If you are interested in the adventures of Thomas Baskett in space, the European Space Agency (ESA) has released a complete summary of the various activities of the French astronaut on the ISS. Find out here.

Recover Thomas Baskett’s Return to Earth

While waiting for the start of the French astronaut’s press conference, the two videos below allow you to review the crew dragon’s landing and his first reports before leaving Florida for Germany.

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