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Top Google Play Apps of 2020: 23 Winners to Download Now

Top Google Play Apps of 2020: 23 Winners to Download Now

Google has announced its best Android apps for 2020, which include options to help you clear your mind, offering new Android streaming displays such as the Pixel 5 to your Android device. (Sorry iPhone users.)

Some of these 23 apps were chosen by Google, some by users who voted on the apps that created their cycle this year. All apps are available in the Google Play Store, and all can be downloaded now.

Lona won the best app of 2020 from GoogleLona

Best use 2020 helps us find something elusive: sleep. That’s why the award went Lona It pushes bedtime stories, and you can really get involved by tapping on the screen the three-dimensional images that the company calls “sleepscapes”. For those who like to play the scene, there are sound scenes to modify what they hear instead.

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Users’ Choice App of 2020 is gone Disney + It is an Android application that mines on Disney’s new streaming channel. The application is free, of course the subscription monthly fee for the channel. The app lets you watch programs from the channel’s original series “The Montorion” to Marvel movies on your devices.

QuietAn app that helps you focus your breathing, Calmeria is one of the winners of Best Daily Essential UseQuiet

The Best Daily Essentials section includes many Quiet, Health and exercise utilization that really focuses on your breathing. Others include Grid Diary, a scheduling application, and The Pattern, which helps you discover how to connect with your personality and others, Recipe Site Wipe and Zoom, the ever-popular video conferencing app.

The Personal for Personal Growth category includes many winners, including Chris Hemsworth, the most popular actor for the role of Thor in the Marvel Avenger series. The application is called Center, And includes videos, recipes and self-guided exercises. Other winners include Behavioral Site Knowledge, Video Editor Jumpprobe, Relationship Application Couple, and Language Learning Application Spicu.

Dayasui paintingsA hit in the Best Hidden Gems category, Dayasui SketchesDayasui paintings

The best hidden gems Provides some fun apps to try if you don’t know yet. These winners include audio podcast and story app Cappuccino, photo sharing app Explorer, invitation app Paperless Post, sketch app Dayasui Sketches and again Lona.

Mild cardiac applications received their approval Great for fun Type and Photo Editor Buzzard, the music recording application Dolby On, is a photo editor that allows you to change faces on photos called Refase, Video Player Vita and Disney +.

ShareTheMealShareTheMeal is one of Google’s top three winning appsShareTheMeal

Finally, Google gave an endorsement Best applications, And the standard grocery shopping app, Green Choice, includes a free meditation and memory app called Medito and an app called Shermeel to help donate to curb global hunger.

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