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Advertisers prefer Android because of Apple's anti-surveillance measures

Advertisers prefer Android because of Apple’s anti-surveillance measures

According to a study, advertisers spend more money targeting Android users. Reason: Apple is no longer allowing users to track apps across the board.

The The Wall Street Journal Reports that advertisers have switched to Android since the introduction of the application tracking transparency framework. Apple introduced ADTF in April. Since then, all applications must be approved by the user before monitoring their performance in other applications.

The Wall Street Journal quoted an advertising network as saying that less than 33 percent of iOS users allow tracking. By June 2021, ad revenue on the iOS platform is said to have dropped by a third. Android advertising is up more than 10 percent. It is not clear from the report what happened to the remaining 20 percent.

Tracking allows advertisers to place designed ads. If the information is missing, the advertising money is theoretically incorrect.

It remains to be seen whether app developers will continue to offer free, ad-funded apps in the future, or pay for apps – or build Android apps.

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