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Add: La Torch 2.0, one press cartoon per day

Add: La Torch 2.0, one press cartoon per day

La Torch 2.0 is an app that can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play, and allows you to get exclusive satire charts that you can’t find on social networks for as little as 3 or 30 bucks a year. Suriyan designer Jimmy was one of 17 people who agreed to embark on this great adventure. Others were well-known in Castellnautari, attending a caricature and magazine cartoon festival organized by Croquignus.

We take the same thing and start again. Well almost! Remember, at the beginning of the year, a fundraising campaign was launched via the “Inside” participation platform to create the magazine cartoons app. Torch 2.0 already existed, and the Swiss version and its founder, journalist Luke Cindelholes, later proposed launching the French version. Ten designers were ready to take part in the big adventure. Alas, the project was abandoned because its goal was not achieved. Finally, it is not the first time it has been born again, this time thanks to the collaboration of 17 designers. The policy remains unchanged. As opposed to monthly subscriptions of 3 € and 30 of a year, Torch 2.0 offers a unique, one-day, new, day-to-day discovery of a satirical drawing from September 1st. As for the approach … it’s an alternative to social networking, a struggle led by Luke Schnidelholes to protect magazine cartoons. According to him, the launch of this “Made in France” version is obvious. “The Swiss version works very well; the application is ripe for your country. There are hundreds and hundreds of talented cartoonists in France who are the cradle of magazine cartoons. So it makes sense that we published this version of our application,” Luke commented.

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“We need to create a community of subscribers”

Through the crowdfunding campaign, the goal was to fund the designers’ salaries for a period of six months, at a union rate. Copyright. Due to insufficient pre-funding, the designers agreed to start on a voluntary basis, without receiving a percentage. “Salary problem solved, they will be paid according to the number of subscribers; if they reach 1000 subscribers, there will be about 50 per drawing, 100 for 2000 subscribers and 150 for 3000 subscribers,” explains our co-worker. If we are successful, if there are more subscribers than expected, we will provide more than one map per day but we are not there yet. First, you need to convince people that these are unique designs that you will not find on social networks. For that you need to create a community that subscribes, even if it is not expensive, it is not won. “.

Torch 2.0? Designers talk about it

Eric Druyndt: “The birth of a medium dedicated to magazine cartoons happens once in a generation. I’m not going to miss this unique opportunity to support a place as diverse and compassionate reflection and humor as LATORCHE 2.0. This app should be declared a public utility!”
Antoine Serov. “I joined the torch under the pressure of my comrades. They threatened to reprimand me for the bad attitude of the authorities.
Wings. “I joined the Torch 2.0 team because it’s an innovative new medium, 100% digital, the press is exclusively made up of magazine cartoons, with full expression freedom, and unlike networks pays magazine cartoonists.”
Jimmy. Why did you choose La Torch 2.0? In fact, she chose me! Especially designers selected from the beginning of the project. It’s so nice to tell yourself that your colleagues appreciate your work as much as you undertake your adventure. So I use the stage to give them big kisses in public!

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