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Acerp will be, Mossachio confirmed as owner •

Acerp will be, Mossachio confirmed as owner •

GTS | Acerby will be there, and Musaccio has been confirmed as the owner Has a new Instagram account. Come back to follow him. Click here

Report Cassette Dello game, Alarm for Acerby Who will take part in the match against tomorrowInter In San Siro. The Biancoleste defender trained yesterday Formallo. Going the same Luis Alberto: There is no doubt about its use in the match against Nerosuri. Another good news Insaki Will return First Acro The one who was in the pits due to fatigue in the previous days, but will sit on the bench tomorrow. The only ballot is for the role of right-wing defender in between Musaccio e Patrick, But new purchases Lazio This seems to be an advantage of the latter. Creation should be the opposite Cochlear. Not available tomorrow Louis Felipe e Stragosa.

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