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According to Phils-Aim, success is not surprising

According to Phils-Aim, success is not surprising

After the Wii U became Nintendo’s most failed console to date, the traditional Japanese company is back on the path to impressive success with the switch.

In a recent interview, Reginald Fils, the former president of Nintendo in the United States, looked back over the past few years and pointed out that Switzerland’s success had not come as a surprise to him. “No, this doesn’t surprise me,” Reggie said. “When I saw the first prototype of the Nintendo DS I say hair on the back of my neck. The team proved to be the first, first prototype to become the Nintendo. I immediately recognized the potential.”

The mobile factor is the key to success

“When I first picked up a Wii remote – and again – when I read about a basic experience that was going to turn into a Wii Sport, I knew it would be magical. The day I sat down with Ivada-chan, who owns a prototype of the switch, I knew it would be magical when we were talking about that concept. ”

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Reggie continues: “I say this because it solves a big problem for computer players. The complaint is, I’m having fun, I’m playing my game, and now I have to quit because I have to go to work or school where I can not take my game with me. I do not play regularly. The switch, with the ability to play on a large TV, then fulfilled a basic consumer preference by taking the game out of the dock and playing it in portable mode. “

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“The whole thing is a triggering moment,” he concludes. “There are many smart things the company has done. Support for Unity and Unreal has made possible all the best independent content. Many important decisions.”

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