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Accelerated from a bridge to take a shot-

Accelerated from a bridge to take a shot-

Bolzano followed his intuition: Find the best angle to see the spectacular view of the sunset over the Val Martello Mountains. However, this time 58-year-old Erica Camper was in tragic danger, losing her life while walking on the trails that run across the Plima River on Tuesday afternoon. Ways he knew better. The accident that broke the life of the well-known face of the South Tyrolean media scene took place precisely on a small bridge over the water: for many years, in fact, Camper was a photographer for the German language newspaper Dolomites. He lived in Lana, in addition to the newspaper, collaborated with several South Tyrolean publications and provided his services to wineries, hotels and private clients. He was admired and searched for the quality of his photographs, but he also wanted the best knowledge of the area.


So, on Tuesday afternoon, Erica decided to go with her loyal dog, armed with a camera. He used these moments to capture vivid scenes that are said to be indestructible in his scenes. Predictably, she never gave up her interest in photography even after retirement. Snowy winter landscapes these days offer a lot of possibilities. Seductive. One of the photographer’s favorite places, as mentioned, was a small wooden bridge over the Plima, which can be reached by walking from the last available parking lot to the Paradiso Hotel. From that point one can understand the top of a mountain that is reddened by the sunset of a clear sky. The bridge tracks, completely covered in snow, gave Erica the impression that she was actually much taller than the guard train. Several centimeters of snow on the ground, in fact, thickened it, giving the wrong impression of safety. Camper felt it too late as she leaned into the distance. The photographer fell about twenty meters as the snow fell on the dirty step. The impact on the ground is dangerous.

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At 11.30pm, without seeing him coming home, family members immediately alerted the Martello Mountain Rescue Team. The rescued first searched up to Lake Giorgio in the direction of Martello de Dendro, then turned towards the beginning of the valley. At one point the carabiner was found giving the missing car precise signs in the parking lot near the bridge. Thus, the rescuers controlled the control area and found Erica’s dog tied to the bridge rails. Subsequent patrols with halogen headlights were now able to find the lifeless body in Plima. Thus the body was recovered. Martello’s volunteer firefighters and spiritual helpers were also present during the intervention. The woman left behind her husband Erwin Hofer (formerly a RAI journalist) and two sons, Matthias and Florian.

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