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Arnaque à la carte Sim : un ado dérobe près de 32 millions d'euros à un utilisateur

A teenager steals 32 million euros from a user

Fraud: A young Canadian from Hamilton was able to steal $ 36.5 million in cryptocurrency from someone through a simple SIM card fraud. Do not worry, we will tell you this crazy story. By reading our article, you will know all about this subject. Are you ready?

Fraud: Well-designed fraud

This is an incredible story, we are going to tell you. In March 2020, Hamilton Police launched a joint investigation with the U.S. Secret Service, which specializes in electronic crimes. The investigation focused on the theft of cryptocurrency from a victim located in the United States. In fact, the latter is targeted for attack by replacing a SIM card. What exactly does it contain? Well, we tell you. Fraudsters take control after asking their operator for a second the SIM card of their target.

To achieve this, scammers use phishing attacks to gather as much information as possible about their targets. With this data, they can request a new SIM card from the operator and, among other things, receive the codes used in the two-factor authentication via SMS. Once the victim’s communications were diverted, he was able to access the codes used in the two-factor authentication via SMS. This is how the perpetrator stole the victim’s digital wallet.

32 million euros have been stolen

At the very least, the victim’s wallet was well stocked. In fact, the culprit was able to swindle less than 46 million Canadian dollars in cryptocurrency (32 million euros). This is the largest cryptocurrency theft ever reported by anyone. A joint investigation has revealed that some of the stolen cryptocurrencies were used to buy a rare username online in a multiplayer video game. This transaction helped investigators rediscover the holder of this “premium” identifier.

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It turns out that he is a simple young man. He was therefore arrested on November 17 for theft and concealment and will be brought to court. The young man was arrested for possession of more than $ 5,000 and possession of property obtained through a crime. According to the FBI and Hamilton police report, authorities have yet to find most of the funds. In fact, they simply declare that they have committed several seizures worth C $ 7 million. From 46 million so far.

Tips to avoid this scam

While waiting for effective actions to be implemented, be alert and forget the codes via SMS. If you ever need codes, security experts advise everyone to download authentication on your smartphone, such as Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator, which works securely for all online accounts with A2F. Do not hesitate to ask your mobile operator if you can use an additional password for any SIM card transfer.

Also, be sure to remove your phone number from any account that hackers may be interested in. To protect your data from prying eyes and malicious attacks, do not forget to use the firewall as much as possible. Or, antivirus software on your computer or on your smartphone. Avoid browsing suspicious sites and downloading suspicious files. Easy, right?