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Treno contro camion, Ferrari SF90 Stradale distrutta

Anti-truck train, Ferrari SF90 Stradale – Auto World destroyed

Rokampolesko Incident in Texas, A car transport truck got stuck on the railroad tracks and eventually ran into a train. There were some super cars including one inside the trailer Ferrari S90 Stradale, In the worst cars in a collision between a railway train and a heavy vehicle. The dynamics of the accident are still being investigated by local authorities and fortunately this collision had no effect on the truck driver and train drivers.

The Ferrari 348 went into the woods and crashed into a wall

As announced Chairman, A Houston newspaper, said the vehicle could no longer play because Holler was stuck in the tracks while crossing town. The oncoming train did not get a chance to brake and collided with the trailer and its precious contents. Inside, in fact, in addition to the aforementioned Ferrari SF90 Stradale was a second Bronzing Horse car (488 Spyder with yellow), A Porsche 911 Vintage and finally a Bentley. The supercar, which had the worst impact of the luxury car and the powerful 1,000hp plug hybrid from Maranello, was parked right in the center of the trailer, where the locomotive stopped its flow.

Lamborghini and Porsche, double accident at the same time

instead Ferrari 488 Spyder and 911, Can also be seen from some of the published photos Road and tracks. “The driver was new to the area. He tried to get to the other side of Washington Away, and he tried to cross the railroad tracks on a very narrow street.” – One of the witnesses who witnessed the scene said – “The Ferrari SF90 was destroyed, and I believe Bentley too. In the middle of the truck, it was one of the cars parked at the crash site. They didn’t even pull it out.” The truly unfortunate journey for this SF90 Straddle will never reach its owner.

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Photo: Mo Prince / By road and track