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A strange cube structure photographed at a distance from the moon

A strange cube structure photographed at a distance from the moon

The Chinese Rover Yudu-2 Landed on the hidden side நிலா In January 2019. From then on he traveled non-stop Sadness The lunar region of the Van Karman Valley. And in his journey he has already attracted a kind of attention Gel Polished ” Became molten rock as a result of an impactMeteor.

This time, Yutu-2 discovered an object whose shape was very different. The cube, which appears on the northern horizon about 80 meters from the machine, is stillLarge groove Van Kerman.

Curiously, the scientists chose to propel the rover towards this strange object. It will approach it for the next two to three lunar days – approximately two or three Earth months. By taking care to avoid many potholes in its path. And has always relied solely on it Energy Solar energy for improvement. In the hope of creating it all Light About the nature of this cube. Probably quite simply a large rock, more excavatedThe impact of a meteorite.

Very simple, but interesting. This is because the cube may indicate a recent impact, thus allowingAstronomers To study the composition of the moon more closely.

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