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A PlayStation post illustrates fan confidence

A PlayStation post illustrates fan confidence

The rumor has been around for a while now Possible arrival of Sunset Overdrive on PlayStation A recent post shared on social media from the Japanese giant’s official account is a clue.

In the evening, Twitter account Insomnia game In fact Sony publishes extracted images from various exclusives and there are also dimensional websites like the ones found on it Except for the Ratchet & Clang split. Not just the PlayStation icon in various films Sly Cooper, But Sunset Overdrive, which is currently exclusively available on Microsoft operating systems. Strangely The PlayStation Twitter account has redesigned all images released by Instomniak Games, A game dedicated to the colorful game set in Sunset City and according to fans, this could be a kind of clue to the future arrival of the game on the PlayStation.

In fact, we remind you of it Sunset Overdrive IP is in the hands of Insomniac, A software house recently acquired by Sony, as a result, has the opportunity not only to create a sequel, but also to create a port for the first episode.

Did you know a few weeks ago? Sony has registered the trademark of Sunset Overdrive?

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