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A park dedicated to Mussolini?  Be careful when speaking

A park dedicated to Mussolini? Be careful when speaking

Follow the back / money

Economic Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgi also removes the Leipzig Undersecretary from Mef Claudio Durigon: “When you have government responsibility, you must be very careful when you speak”, referring to the proposal to name the park in Latina, which is dedicated to the Falcon, and to the brother of Borcelino, Mussolini.

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PictureFollow the money: trial in the Durian case

Undersecretary of Mef Claudio Durigan He is more and more alone. The expanders of the majority did not listen to his retreat, but even his own parties openly criticized him. Yesterday came the turn of the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgitti, The league’s leading professor, tackles the Undersecretary’s ‘cafe’ that a few weeks ago proposed to name the Latina Park dedicated to anti-mafia judges Falcon and Porcelino. Arnoldo Mussolini, Brother of Deuce. “You have to be very careful when you speak when you have government responsibility”Giorgti ruled.

In Dugarigan’s resignation, he added: “I can simply say that a member of the government will resign if his party chief or secretary asks or his conscience recommends him. I am not a Dugarigan, so I do not know.”, in its ‘Follow the Money’ investigation, condemned Dugarigan’s vague relationship with entrepreneurs in the province of Pontine, already at the center of several anti-mafia investigations into political mafia infiltration. In the video, Salvini reveals that he has a right hand Appointed General of Cardia de Finanza to investigate karaoke accounts: “What is Cardia de Finanza inquiring about, we put the General …”.

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Chapters of the trial

Durigan’s distrust surrounds Northern League deputy secretary: Ministers ask for his resignation

The post of Mef’s deputy secretary now appears to be hanging by a thread, although the president of the association continues to defend it: “He is in Cambodia. He was last accused of fascism.” Version “Father of Kota 100”, He told Roy3. Salvini promised to meet him in the next few days; “Let’s see how to move forward for the government and the country.”. But the party is already thinking of possible alternatives. Massimo Fidanci, the former mayor of Padua, was already Mef’s deputy secretary during the first Conte government. Although the Deputy Secretary of State has been nominated by law and appointed by the Prime Minister, it is not certain that the post still belongs to the League. Genoese Eduardo Rixi, who was forced to resign as deputy minister of infrastructure for so-called insane spending in Liguria, is also running. “Not true”.
From the left, meanwhile, they continue to come in broad: “Forgiveness for fascism does not fit Durigan’s role, therefore, his presence in government.”, Democratic Secretary Letta reiterated the plan.