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Le nouveau télescope va capturer et analyser la lumière de 35 millions de galaxies, à différentes époques de l

A new telescope will measure the expansion of the universe

The DC telescope, which wants to draw a 3D map of the universe with unparalleled accuracy, has begun its observations from the United States, the managers of this international project, which aims to better understand the expansion of the universe, announced on Monday.

Installed in the Arizona desert, the DESI spectroscopic instrument will focus on its 5000 for five years. “EyesFiber optic system in the night sky to capture and analyze the light of 35 million galaxies at different times in the Universe. These data should “allow scientists to understand this mysterious force”Dark energy“, Responsible for accelerating the expansion of the universe, explains in a press release the Berkeley Laboratory that oversees the project.

Due to the expansion of the universe, the galaxies are moving away from each other. And the farther away they go, the more light moves toward the longer wavelengths of the spectrum they observe, i.e. toward red, forming the Commissarite L’energy Atom (CEA) involved in this astronomical mission. By analyzing the energetic radiation of galaxies, DESI can link this red shift to their distant velocities, thus providing information about their distance from Earth.

Researchers can then create a 3D map of the universe. “Unprecedented detail will increase the spectral number of identified galaxies tenfold», Adds the French general system. DESI can collect “5,000 galaxy spectra every 20 minutes“According to Christoph Yech, a CEA cosmologist, with their detailed distribution on the map, researchers hope to better understand the nature and influence of dark energy.

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