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Discounts, big brands and the theft of our money

Discounts, big brands and the theft of our money

The scam that has been going on for weeks is now about playing regularly with fake promises that put our savings at risk.

WhatsApp Fraud (Adobe)

Regular fraud routine Small game False discounts with false benefits. Users are increasingly falling prey to the network, victims of scams Fraudsters Professionals waiting for the right moment to lay their own bait. The false promise of discounts and coupons often turns out to be one At the ceremony Very greedy for some citizens who in some cases fail to be clear. Fraudsters, in these cases Happiness.

The technique is always the same, The Request Personal data, such as important data Evidence You can access your bank or mail profile, that’s all. This type of fraud develops after multiple users, as reported by many victims of fraud Received Fake discount codes for purchasing products of various major brands. Discount access is not immediate, you have to offer some first Information.

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WhatsApp scam: big brands, big discounts, big scam


Hackers are watching Share, They realize its potential, and then the news begins, classic chains with many more dangers than one might think. Zara, H&M, Media World, Euronics, Expert, Brands that are commonly involved in this big scam. Promise of strong discount and then request to fill out a form with Classic Link Access various offers. Obviously, you must also enter your data related to a bank or post office current account.

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At that time, ours Storage Marked. You provide some information on fraudulent practices Withdrawal In fact, our savings outweighed what it was. Simple and nothing at once Dangerous.

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The scam is circulating on a well-known news site Constantly create victims and steal money Do not know Users believe what they read and will never put it down Suspicion What was proposed before their eyes.