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A new model is for sale in Australia, let's see if changes are found -

A new model is for sale in Australia, let’s see if changes are found –

Many reports a New model From PS5 Found for sale in Australia, in particular, but may be popular in other markets, it has one Especially the visible novelty, Except for other potential internal changes that are not yet defined.

Let’s talk about one Minor correction The hardware, identified by a different code and derived from a slightly different manufacturing process, usually occurs from time to time during the life cycle of a console and is not a truly different model, so the differences are minimal.

Identified with Code “CFI-1102A”The PS5 in question is available in both standard and digital versions, but is currently only available in Australia, with no other unique features appearing outside the package.

PS5, the new model for sale in Australia has a different fixing screw that can be turned by hand

The most visible difference within this new PS5 Screw the screw Used to position the console vertically: the photo above represents the new screw in question, even though it is not yet official information.

As you can see, this is a screw that can be screwed directly on By hand Without the use of a screwdriver, you can apply the Sony-selected gossip adjustment system a little more to position your console vertically or horizontally.

The others did not come out Differences, For now, we are waiting to understand whether changes have been made to the internal organs, which will alleviate the scrolling or similar changes expected by users. In the meantime, we note that the new system update in beta has opened up the possibility of installing Sony SSDs to expand internal memory.