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A new chapter is coming -

A new chapter is coming –

Pain reliever Indicates Return One of the gaming scene New chapter, Of which, unfortunately, absolutely nothing is known. The news came from a press release announcing Coach Media’s new release label, Prime Matter, in which Painkiller is one of the first games.

Unfortunately Information They are very limited in this regard and are now limited to the following text:

The famous pain reliever is back! Peel the eyes for more information!

We do not even know if the actual title will be just a painkiller and thus a kind of resume or a continuation of previous chapters. We don’t even know who will be handed over for development. It is unlikely that People Can Fly, the software house of the first chapter, will be far behind its first creation, which recently introduced authors. The involvement of The Form 51, the creator of the Painkiller Hell & Damnation currently working with Chernobyl, is also unlikely.

In fact, many small teams have worked on this series, which should always start inseparably from the original axes, despite the original and some extensions, often forming banal titles.

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