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IHS d’un Ryzen Zen 4 d’AMD

A mysterious Ryzen 7000 series Zen 4 has been removed and zoomed in on its IHS

IHS of AMD Ryzen Zen 4

A mysterious overlocker is at the beginning of the release of the snapshot showing Raison Gen4 “Delete”. It is clear that the chip no longer has its IHS.

This post may be accidental. The photo is probably not to be shared outside the closed group. So we have no known source and no link to provide. Removing this new heatsink (IHS) is not easy. The manipulation seems so subtle that the question of processor destruction is raised. We do not know if the CPU is still working after this deleting attempt. Current capacitors, I / O and solder chiplets greatly complicate the process. On the other hand, IHS is only pasted in a few places.

IHS of AMD Ryzen Zen 4

IHS of AMD Ryzen Zen 4

The Ryzen 7000 series will use the Zen4 framework. We see two chiplets with a maximum of eight computing cores. New I / O module benefits from 6 nm engraving with RDNA 2 graphics solution. Ryzen, the new generation of desktop computers, will be officially launched this fall.

AMD Processor Raison 7000 Series

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