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Ingoia il Nokia "indistruttibile", per 4 giorni nello stomaco: il dramma, come lo hanno estratto

A man’s play, they extracted it – Libero Cottidiano

Skander Telugu, A doctor, could not believe his eyes when confronted by someone who swallowed a cell phone. This is why he wanted to share what happened on Facebook: the story deserves to be on the edge of truth, but this is absolutely true, as can be attested by the photos the doctor posted on social media.

Basically a 33 years old of Albanian descent He presented himself at a hospital in Pristina, Kosovo. Now the story of traveling around the world begins here: man Swallowed the Nokia 3310, The historical model considered “indestructible”, it is very popular. But that’s not all, because this 33-year-old didn’t swallow his phone: he waited four days realizing he had to go to the hospital to try to get rid of it from his stomach.

After the initial despair, the doctors became busy and the operation was successful, which is not obvious: the man was in danger of losing his life. The biggest fears are mainly related to the Nokia battery: “We pulled the cellphone into three separate parts – Dr. Telugu said – Endoscopically, without scratches. No problems “.

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