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A major computer update is coming on September 15th!  3D audio and more SSD storage for TV speakers •

A major computer update is coming on September 15th! 3D audio and more SSD storage for TV speakers •

Sony is releasing the next major computer update for the PlayStation 5 on September 15th, which includes 3D audio for TV speakers and more.

Sony has confirmed that the second major computer software update for the PlayStation 5 will be released on September 15, 2021.

Various upgrades and features are included, for example 3D audio support for integrated TV speakers and the option of M.2 SSD storage expansion.

Adjustment in the user interface

The September update for the PS5 brings a number of tweaks and improvements to the user interface:

  • Adjusting the control center. Players can now design their control center more freely by rearranging the controls at the bottom of the screen or by choosing what to show or hide.
  • Advanced game base. Players can easily view messages and write to friends and parties directly from the game base in the control center.

In GamePass’ fullscreen mode, you can see how many friends are online, busy or offline, and you can accept, reject, or withdraw multiple friend requests at once.

Further changes:

  • New features in the game library and on the home screen. If you have both PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game installed, they are now visible separately on the Game Library’s installed tab and on the home screen. The tile of each game now clearly shows its base.
  • Screen reader controls. Players can now pause or resume the screen reader (press the “PS + triangle key”) and retrieve everything it reads (press the “PS + R1 key”).

Sports and Social

On the PlayStation you can now choose between 720p and 1080 depending on the game, and there is also a new leader award type: “After the online game, players can offer a fourth leader award type to other players, which is visible in the player profiles” it is.

More New:

  • “Personal best” automatic registration. When players compete for the best time or highest score and reach a new individual best, the video clip in the game will be automatically recorded. Players can share their personal best clips directly from the challenge map in the control center or through their media gallery. Players have direct control over this feature through systems for recordings and broadcasts.
  • New file tracker. We have added a new trophy tracker that allows players to quickly access five trophies per game from the control center.

3D audio through TV speakers

You can enable 3D audio functionality for integrated TV speakers in the console’s sound menu. You can use the dualSense controller’s microphone to measure the acoustics of your room.

If you use a Pulse 3D headset, you also have access to the balance settings in the sound system, which allows you to adjust the sound profile to your liking.

Finally more storage space

With the help of the M.2 SSD storage expansion, you can create more storage space on your console. You can use it to launch PS5 games directly from there.

M.2 SSDs must meet certain minimum requirements in terms of performance and size, you can learn more about this Here.

Remote Play and PlayStation App

Last but not least, there are improvements to the PS Remote Play app and the PlayStation app. Here are the details:

  • The PS Remote Play app allows you to stream and play games PS4 and PS5 remotely, switch between games and browse their console menu on any compatible device connected to their broadband network. From now on, players using a mobile processor for iOS and Android can also use a mobile data connection when WiFi is not available.
  • PS Remote Plug requires at least 5 Mbps broadband internet connection. For optimal experience, we recommend high speed connection with upload and download speeds of at least 15 Mbit / s.
  • To manage the amount of data consumed by the mobile connection, players can choose their preferred video quality for mobile data streaming.
  • Keep in mind that the quality and connectivity of your remote gaming experience may vary depending on the network operator and the network environment.
  • Starting next Thursday, September 23rd, the PS App update will be released worldwide, giving users the opportunity to watch their friends’ screen broadcasts together.
  • To do this, you need to join a party voice chat on your mobile device with a friend playing on the PS5 console. Ask your friend playing on the PS5 if they want to start their screen sharing. Note: Screen sharing will only be broadcast by players on the PS5.
  • The Android version of the update will be released gradually, which is why it may take up to a week for the update to become available on your mobile device.

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