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Montagnes de l'Oural Warzone

A leak of the ‘Ural Mountain’ map appears under the Blackout machine

The recently leaked image that is currently circulating on Twitter seems to show a preview of the ‘Ural Mountains’ map, which has been talked about for several months now. Warson.

While players are expecting a new map to come out in Warsaw, the latest rumors indicate that Verdansk will eventually take over. A new look.

The news disappointed many fans who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new map, especially “Ural Mountain”. Recently, this map seems to have been leaked on Twitter. It appears to be provided by the Blackout UI and combines the various Black Ops Cold War attack group maps into one large-scale map.

First, the first details of this map were leaked by Exclusive Ace during a video in June 2020. He described the map as a sketch with different locations, and it fits in well with the picture. It is currently spreading on Twitter. (Like all leaks, the tweet will soon be subject to activation under the TMCA Act and will be deleted at that time).

The locations on this map match well with some of the maps in Black Ops Cold War Attack Team mode.

The image above also shows how the Ural Mountains map was built using the Black Ops engine and user interface. The layout of the directions at the top of the map is similar to that of Blackout, but not Warson, and this map suggests that it should be replaced with the Warson engine if it ever comes out.

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Why do we know so much about the Ural Mountains, when recent leaks indicate that Warson’s next map will eventually be Vertonsk’s restoration?

According to VGC correspondent Andy Robinson, Blackout 2 was in development before it was canceled due to Warson’s surprise success. Initially, the Ural Mountains were supposed to be the map of Blackout 2 because integrating the Cold War on Warson was not a guarantee that Activision War Royal wanted to see how popular it could be.

He also says that Activision “is currently dedicating all its resources to Warson” in order to help create and increase the amount of content in the game as they are well aware of the expectations of the fans.

So according to the latest rumors and leaks, the Verdansk remake should come at the beginning of Warson Season 3 which starts on April 22nd. Although the official map has not yet been released, Activision will launch its marketing campaign in the coming days.