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Want to replace Windows 10 X with Windows 10?

Want to replace Windows 10 X with Windows 10?

Well, it’s not clear. While Microsoft seems hesitant between Android and our “real” Windows 10, it seems that Windows 10 X is struggling to find its place in the ecosystem, just like Redmond’s giant trading strategy.

We do not have any official information to believe that Windows 10X will actually be released this year or that it will eventually be released as a full-fledged operating system.

While it is not immediately clear whether Windows 10X wants to replace Windows 10, the rest is certain, it is not possible. If this is not the case then maybe Windows 10 is here to stay; Larger proportion of users who need the Pfier operating system than Microsoft’s Chrome OS.

This is the whole challenge for the Windows 10X publisher: succeeding in positioning itself on cheap devices, ease of use (simple, secure), all in a controlled and profitable application ecosystem. Microsoft dreams of an app store (and premium features?) As profitable as Apple or Google.

So the answer to our initial question is still finding it difficult to find itself on the side of the company’s wallet and on the devices that offer this hybrid operating system.

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