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A "horror mystery must be revealed", game after game -

A “horror mystery must be revealed”, game after game –

Io 2021 is going to be a great year for the world of video games, and one of the most interesting topics coming up in a short time is PS5 exclusive Will return, Housemark’s Rogue-Light Sniper. The studio is well known for its ability to create fun and perfect gameplay in every detail, but also aims to create it with this new game An in-depth story Compared to its past titles. The “mystery of horror to be revealed” also seems to be the game after the game.

This was explained by Housemark Story Director Gregory Loton and Sports Director Harry Krooger, who spoke with Games Radar.Return’s dark science fiction time ring is very interesting from our point of view because it allows our deep astronaut Celine, who remains dormant, to add a lot. Hidden story layers They will reappear again and again. ”

Explain it as progress is made within it The alien world The return, called Atrobos, will be a way to find out more and more details about the protagonist, but also about the planet. Kruger added that the studio wants to “stock gamers” with someone Mysterious story It slowly reveals more details, meanwhile you address Cosmic horror They are on the surface of the planet.

According to Kruger, it is important that many of the secrets of the return are naturally discovered by the player, while the game takes care of itself. Provide only the required details directly To move forward. The purpose of this statement is not to force the player to “deal” with the plot if he does not want to, thus allowing him Focuses only on the game.

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We remind you that the return will be available on PS5 from March 5, 2021. You can also find a video explaining the Housemark “Game Play First” philosophy.