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Une vue d'artiste de 2014 UN271 à son périhélie. © Mark A. Garlick, The University of Warwick

A giant comet is heading towards the sun from a distance in the solar system

Discovered about seven years ago, but only recently, a comet object, probably the size of a dwarf planet, is heading towards the sun. Especially in the strange orbit, this potential giant comet comes from the mythical Ort cloud on the edge of the solar system.

This is the buzz of the moment, it is not a comet object Centuries In The Solar System Currently heading towards the sun, which is called 2014 UN271. As the name suggests, it was actually discovered in 2014, but Nuspier was only aware of the discovery years later when he analyzed data that betrayed its existence. The Astronomers Point Bernardinelli and Gary Bernstein actually discovered the 2014 UN271 recently. Dark energy study (DES), which serves its main purpose Light Regarding the nature of dark energy.

From cosmology to astronomy

DES has already made it possible to detect many transneptonic objects. 2014 is UN271 one, currently approaching the Sun at a distance of 20.2 Astronomical units (UAE), or 3 billion kilometers. Its orbital parameters are determined, so we know that it develops from Oort cloud, And it is a Around the circular path Whose ellipse Perihelion It is 10.9 AU from the Sun outside Saturn’s orbit. He should reach it in January 2031. His previous Abelion should be at 40,000 AU or 0.6 Light year, In Oort cloud, But after 10 years the closest orbit to the Sun 2014 UN271 will have to depart in the direction of another abyss 0.9 light-years from the Sun and then return to the planet’s suburbs. The Solar System According to astronomical calculations, more than 4.5 million years ago.

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A complex diameter, less than 100 km or approximately 370 km.

On the other hand, the size of the 2014 UN271 is not yet well known to us. A comet It usually has a range of ten kilometers. But, according to 2014 UN271, measurements of its brightness in 2014 suggest that its magnitude would be in the range of one hundred kilometers, perhaps more than 300 kilometers.

In this last event, one can almost speak Dwarf planet. However, signs of cometary activity have already been detected, and in any case, we can reasonably say that 2014 UN 271 was one of the largest giant comets observed by modern astronomers since the beginning of their study.

The degassing The result should be seen at a distance of more than three billion kilometers Molecules Especially turbulent like CO and CO2. 2014 UN271 Its observation is not possible because it has the best approach to the distance between Saturn and the Sun.Eye Naked and only amateur astronomers a Telescope 200 mm can notice it. It should be worth trying to do this l’eVscope.

Where is the boundary of the solar system? To get the most accurate French translation, click on the white rectangle in the lower right. English subtitles should appear later. Then click on the nut to the right of the rectangle, then “Subtitles” and finally “Automatically Translate”. Select “French”. © NASAeClips

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