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A French player achieved incredible Tour de Power

A French player achieved incredible Tour de Power

The Franchise Mario Kart It deserves to give friends a good time, but it will also end the friendship and we will not hide it. The goal is simple: Manage to cross the finish line first, without leaving some surprises in the path of your enemies. But with shortcuts implemented by Nintendo and others there are ways to save minutes in the race. This is the position of this French player who has achieved this feat Mario Kart Wee.

A Tour de Force on Rainbow Road

In fact, Mario Kart Wee Ultra offers shortcuts, as players call them, which saves precious seconds in the race. Very quickly, this practice was democratized in society, especially with the advent of streams.

This is the first several yearsAn ultra shortcut still resisted players As long as a French player manages to achieve the impossible until now.

In fact, last week, Arthurrby, A Frenchman, succeeds in creating the ultra shortcut to rainbow road racing. Because an achievement This is the first time a man has managed this activity. Previously, manipulation was possible by adjusting the law exactly Tool-assisted with various tools in Speedron.

The performance of the French player could be recorded directly by one of the spectators, apparently, even ArthurRP could not believe what he had achieved and he would wait until he had finished the race to make sure it happened now what really happened.

According to the community Mario Kart, There is only a 0.00001% chance of successfully taking this ultra shortcut in this race, So this makes the record even more incredible and makes ArthurRP the new king of the game!

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