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A free guide to downloading gender equality – Children Talk to the President

Gender equality is a hot topic and very important for future generations.

UN During the Organized Generation Equality Forum, Bayard and Milan editions released a free handbook for children.
Its purpose is to raise awareness and mobilize children about gender equality.

Publishers have given thousands of postcards to children who subscribe to their topics. More than 2,000 were sent to the President in support of equality. He received several messages on June 30 during a section dedicated to education during the forum.

Handbook for All Together for Gender Equality

This free download guide was designed following discussions with children. It takes prejudices and scatters homogeneous ones. It provides keys for juniors ages 5 to 13 to better understand and fight inequality.

Through short comics, children encounter problems and, above all, break down derived ideas. Educational and fun, this booklet should be taken to schools, libraries and homes! To download it, click here

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