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A complex project from the Assassin's Creed expansion to the new IP? -

A complex project from the Assassin’s Creed expansion to the new IP? –

Skull & Bones The protagonist of Kotaku’s new and interesting report interviewed some developers who worked on or still worked on the project at Ubisoft, bringing out a profile Complex project, Departed Assassin’s Creed Expansion Until we find a painful change to the new IP.

E3 was re-announced in 2017, the game has yet to find a definitive form and has been postponed several times, with the latest information being postponed again after the financial year 2022 and 2023 have been postponed. Back last May. Considering the years of work that led to the first announcement, this is the longest process for a video game.

Skull & bones started Expansion Assassin’s Creed IV: Black flag, initially identified as black flag infinite and expected to be MMO-style, Ubisoft later decided to turn it into a truly new IP centered on pirates and navigation, and then returned to display it. E3 2018 but then disappears from the radar.

Skull & Bones seems to have done a lot of remodeling anew

According to Kotaku, who quoted internal sources, the game seems to have met adults Changes in direction, With serious restructuring such as questioning the sustainability of the project. According to reports, Skull & Bone Stabilization Contract Obligations with Ubisoft Singapore: The Publisher has received funding from the Government of Singapore, which binds the large Ubisoft Oriental Group to the project in question.

In essence, developers will be forced to play the game until the final version, regardless of the dissatisfaction that may arise from such a complex project. The added work environment is considered toxic Ubisoft Singapore, According to the testimonies of various Kotaku interviews, led to the actual mass exodus of developers who abandoned the project.

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With Production costs It has grossed over $ 120 million, and Skull & Bones represents a very dangerous title for the publisher, who is still forced not to fail, which is why the works continue with further delays.

Ubisoft, meanwhile, officially commented, “The Skull & Bones team is proud of the work that has been done on this project, and the game has passed the development stage since its last update. Alpha, With high expectations of being able to publish additional details in a timely manner. “

Ubisoft added that such flooding speculation could depress the hard-working team in the game and create a “new and ambitious right that could exceed players’ expectations.” Ubisoft also seems to have “made significant changes to its policies in the process of creating a secure and inclusive workplace”.