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Dell closes the twelve-year-old security hole

Dell closes the twelve-year-old security hole

Computer maker Dell has released a security link that is critical to “hundreds of millions of Dell computers.” At least that’s how they hold it IT Security Company SentinelOneInvented a total of five vulnerabilities in Dell software. Specifically, this is a driver program called firmware updates on Dell products.

Firmware is the basic operating system software of the computer hardware, which is the operating system under the operating system, so to speak, it allows programs such as Windows to first fix the hardware. This is one of the reasons why the error is classified as very dangerous. Victims can use vulnerabilities to gain extended rights to their computer. For example, you can control a computer or access an enterprise network from there.

It is not uncommon for IT professionals to find such security gaps, but this is certainly the length of time that Dell’s systems have been vulnerable. This is because, according to a Sentinel One report, complex software can be found on computers manufactured from 2009 to the present. This includes the popular notebook series XPS 13 and XPS 15, but also includes some docking stations for the Optiplex desktop and Alienware gaming PCs and notebooks.

Hundreds of samples have been affected

Regardless of SentinelOne’s rating, it is unclear how many devices will be affected. Dell guides you through its website Nearly 400 affected specimens Ann. The company became one of the three largest PC manufacturers worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2020 alone, along with Lenovo and HP. Has sold more than 13 million computers, This number may actually be in the three-digit million range.

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However, according to Sentinel One, there is no evidence yet that the victim was seriously exploited. The latest information is now publicly available, and you need to protect Dell computers against potential attacks. A Security vulnerability information page Provides advice on how the company can proceed.