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A brand new first person shooter port released on the Nintendo Switch

A brand new first person shooter port released on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has one thing, which has traditionally been much less common in past Nintendo consoles: some first-person shooters are computer-capable. Most of these are ports — not new to us yet Metroid FPS or anything similar பொன்விழி.

However, this is not the case with the Wii U, where most large third-party FPS games are not for Nintendo gamers. Switch – Although we do not yet have the largest FPS franchise on activation, there may be a small reason for the port Call of duty, It can be very difficult to work well on the console If your main gaming site is switched these days there are plenty more shooters to choose from.

Now, one of the most popular shooters of 2020 is available on the Nintendo Switch. DOOM Eternal—It does not“New” It’s not on other sites since March, but new to Switch launched today today, by all accounts it’s a good port. This is a rocking Metacritic 80% Over, Which is not bad, and some say it is better than this Disaster Port, which was already (mostly) very nice.

The trailer is here:

Doom is eternity Now on the Nintendo Switch. Ended at 59.99. It’s cheaper on sites that haven’t been around for a while, and it’s free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Unfortunately, this game was very bad at this year’s sports awards, which is a shame. That’s good. You can’t worry too much about which games win and which games lose, only what you want to play.

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