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Nintendo really wants to create a Zelda game in the style of Paper Mario

Nintendo really wants to create a Zelda game in the style of Paper Mario

If yarn can work for both Kirby and Yoshi, why not give Link craft therapy? The Legend of Zelda would be fantastic in a paper production.

20 years ago, Nintendo released Paper Mario, a small RPG. Since then, no Nintendo home console has been without the Paper Mario installment. After the original Nintendo 64 title, the most popular game in the series was Millennium Door. The Origami King was released this year. There are two major reasons why Paper Mario continues to be tolerated: art style and humor. It’s hard to laugh because our favorite characters travel different, colorful worlds in paper form. We have wonderful self-awareness jokes. One of my favorite moments at the millennium door was when I asked a young Todd Mario if he had ever heard of the Fire Emblem for Game Boy Advance.

This begs the question: why did Nintendo not use the Paper Mario design for its other characters? If Kirby and Yoshi can both work on yarn, why not paper? The Legend of Zelda would be fantastic in a paper production.

Via 64 bits of “Paper Zelda (a designed parody)”

In April, we discussed a unique animation that shows what a paper zelda looks like. Yes, many of the games in the Zelda series are realistic, with The Twilight Princess being the biggest example. But, ownership has come down to different graphical styles. Wind Walker’s cell shadow, cartoon look was controversial at first, but people considered Wind Walker to be one of the best Zelda games. The remake of Link’s Awareness goes into a toy box look, and it’s awesome. Zelda appears delightful in paper form. The various Zelda monsters will all explode with personality.

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As for the game, dynamics like character level ups can be easily implemented. Once in a position, the patch can choose to increase the strength of his sword, increase the number of hearts, or increase the defense for his shield in battle. Players are used to leveling weapons in Hirol Warriors: Age of Disaster, so this would be a smooth transition to the traditional RPG game.

Now, what about wars? The original Paper Mario and Millennial Door feature classic mode games. While the real-time game is good, it will be interesting to watch a turn-based Zelda game. Link can access his different weapons. The strategy comes from deciding when to use them, and which will be most effective. Bombs can build a punch, but they are limited and cannot attack aerial enemies when the arrows are over. Link’s limited bombs and arrows make strong opponents particularly challenging.

Via Nintendo, Zelda

Finally, Paper Zelda is a blast to play for its potential comedy. Zelda titles may be light-hearted, but they generally lack the humor and self-awareness of the Paper Mario series. Funny characters because there are so many links, “I have never seen you before? “And even making fun of Navi’s repeated remarks encourages laughter.

It’s time to deliver The Legend of Zelda the Paper Mario treatment.

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