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A blind step by Project Dragon presented by IO Interactive -

A blind step by Project Dragon presented by IO Interactive –

According to a blindfold by Jess Gordon of Windows Central, Project DragonXbox / PC exclusively for Microsoft, Io Interactive exclusive game, content table Ten years. Translated into modern terms, we are talking about a Direct service It should evolve over time.

In the paper we talk about a roll-flaming game centered on dragons, but for Gordon this is just the beginning. Sports, As it is in the early stages of development. What is known is that this is a very ambitious project with the medieval world connected under the domination of ancient and powerful flying reptiles.

The new IO Interactive Studio based in Barcelona will work on Project Dragon, while the studios in Malm மற்றும் and Copenhagen will work on the new Hitman and Project 007.

Of course you have to consider who it is Unofficial informationTherefore, they should be taken with proper caution. Also, since the Project Dragon is theoretically still in the early stages of development, most of what is currently on paper may be modified during production. So consider everything progressive and very fluid.

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