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A big game is coming out in Atlas 2022: Is this Persona 6?  -

A big game is coming out in Atlas 2022: Is this Persona 6? –

Atlas There seems to be one The big game is expected to come in 2022, Something that is destined to represent “a pillar” of the company in the future, according to the panel report and can not fail to recommend Person 6, Of course these are only speculations.

Interviewed by Famitsu with Japanese Developers, Atlas Product Manager, Traditional Year End View, Shinjiro Takada, The team announces a new high-performance game that will “become a pillar for Atlus” in 2022, making it very important for the future of the label that has always been associated with Shin Megami Tenzi. , Persona and other known series.

Considering that Shin Megami Tenzie V has just been released on the Nintendo Switch, this project will not worry about the series in question because time will not return. Although many years have passed since the release of Persona 5, Persona 6, which has not yet been announced, is unlikely to arrive before 2022, but Persona should be kept in mind.

It may also be titled Project Re-Fantasy, which appeared until 2016 and then completely disappeared in the fog of video game development, but it may come out again soon, and was recently rumored to be a remake of the rumored Persona 3. .

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