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92 percent approval, new graphics card drivers

92 percent approval, new graphics card drivers

of Thilo Bayer
The former PS4 exclusive game was a huge hit on the Days Con system. Also: There are new graphics card drivers from Nvidia and AMD.

PCGHD has already detailed the next attempt by Sony to successfully release former PS4 exclusive games such as Days Con on the computer. Now the title started on Steam and Epic, which has been a huge hit so far.

Days passed: more approval

In the absence of user ratings, the status quo of the epic cannot really be assessed, but in steam, the results of users So far so good. After nearly 1,500 user reviews, the approval rating is 92 percent on the books – Horizon Zero Dawn, the last to be released on Sony’s computer, has not reached such value for a long time since August 2020. While a completely different developer Bent Studio is certainly in charge, the Days Con release was made much better for PC. If anything, it’s isolated technical issues and, above all, data collection within the confines of those who need approval. Game Data Collection. You can do it at your own risk But obviously block.

After an interview At Wccftech The developers made no attempt to create a PC version of Days Con Turn it into a complete experience. The PS4 had the biggest technical hurdles in boarding as it was designed for the original PS4’s dual shock controller and 16: 9 aspect ratio. Bent Studio wanted to make sure that any hardware configuration and any controller could run the caption on the computer. Due to the different resolutions in the system, the entire user interface has to be updated and all the camera has to be adjusted manually so that you do not get black wires on the edges. In addition, there were several improvements to the PC version, including unlimited frame rates, greater range of details and more.

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Days Gone, Mass Effect Legendary, Resident Evil 8, Biomiotant: New Games As Subscription Bonus

If you want to run your computer for days, you should definitely download and install the latest Radeon or GeForce driver. AMD has Radeon software adrenaline of 21.5.2 PublishedIt especially went on for days. Concrete advantages are not mentioned, but you should consider that you will achieve better frame rates on RX 5000 and RX 6000. This also applies to Nvidia, especially the case-ready driver, especially Days Con. The GeForce driver is available as 466.47 WHQL The download is ready for it. As a reminder: in addition to 70GB of disk space and 16GB of RAM, a Core i7-4770K or Raison 5 1500X and GeoForce GTX 1060 (6GB) or Radeon RX580 (8GB) are recommended.

[PLUS-TOPSELLER] Tuning for 144 Hz monitors: This includes freesink, zinc, whiskin, frame limits and other techniques

PCGH Plus: A contemporary gaming monitor equipped with a three-digit and above all, variable frame rate. It requires a bit of tuning to match the frame rate of the graphics card. The article comes from PC Games Hardware 01/2020.
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