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NASA postpones space helicopter flight -

NASA postpones space helicopter flight –

Taking NASA helicopter to Mars is ingenious, The first aircraft equipped with an engine to fly to another planet, Modified to an earlier date than April 14th. NASA announced it. After being released to the surface of Mars, Successfully departing in the last few hours – compared to the Wright brothers’ company, the forerunners of air travel on Earth – It was scheduled for the night between Sunday and Monday (Local solar time on Mars at 12:30). Now the change of plans. NASA has decided to reconsider the helicopter’s first test flight based on data from the intelligence helicopter that arrived Friday night. No earlier than April 14thNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory reported on its blog.

Reasons for postponement

The reason for the suspension is behind Error logged in during spin test At the speed of the rotor of a small drone-helicopter departing from Florida in July 2020 Attached to the stomach of the rover of perseverance. The rover landed in the Red Planet’s Xero galaxy on February 18 after a seven – minute descent and passed over Mars’ atmosphere. Ingenuity, The size of a football ball Weighing in at 1.8 kilograms, it has built-in cameras and a microphone to document the aircraft from its perspective. But for now we have to wait before finally seeing him at work.

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