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Google I/O © Clubic

500 million users use RCS, a new protocol that seeks to convert SMS

It was in his time Google I / O 2022 Conference The search engine announced that the number of daily active users of the RCS protocol has exceeded 500 million.

RCS SMS It not only sends instant exchanges, photos or videos but also allows you to create group conversations. It is natively supported Sending message Google Messages, now most Android smartphones, are available with all brands, but also many manufacturers and operators around the world.

Google could not help, but, through the voice of one of its vice presidents, sent a blockchain, anonymously, to Apple, which stubbornly refuses to integrate RCS into its application. iMessage. “We hope every mobile operating system receives news and updates for RCS. So your messages will be private no matter what device you use.“.

Apple is officially reluctant to follow the RCS for security and message encryption issues, however Google ensures that the protocol guarantees the confidentiality of conversations. In the meantime, you need to continue the good old SMS to join your friends on the iPhone.

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