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These radar panels will disappear from the roads in France

The proliferation of radar panels in France was soon over. The historic panels will soon leave French roads and be replaced with newer models already on some roads.

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Since 2003, France has been using signboards to indicate the presence of speed cameras on its roads. Old signs you can see above, read on “ For your safety, automatic controls “These are placed at a distance of about 600 meters from the radar on the highways and are sometimes close depending on the maximum speed allowed. For example, the roads were only 400 meters away up to 90 km / h.

In 2010, these signs evolved slightly to include a truck and words. For your safety, do frequent radar checks “At this time they were placed up to 3 km above the radars and could signal several continuous stationary radars. These are two signs that will soon disappear from the roads of France.

Old radar panels

What are the features of the new speed camera?

Since 2017, road safety has been using two new panel models in France. Of these, we notice the absence of the truck, but we also notice additional symptoms. One of the two also includes a reference to the speed limit in practice On this road, when The other represents controls over several kilometers using a small panelThese new areas of “decoy controls”. In 2023, a new high-efficiency radar will be installed in France.

New radar panels

Road safety now intends to expedite the removal of two old speed camera signs in support of two newer versions. This will reduce the confusion of motorists. So far the cooperation of four different panels has to be acceptedS.

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The arrival of new symptoms is also good news in terms of inclusion because they do not add any hint to the French language. With that, They will be easier for motorists in another country to understand Goes through our roads. It is not known exactly when the last old signs will be removed, but they will all be replaced by the end of 2022. Also, what do you think about the design of the new speed camera features? ? Do not hesitate to say in the comments.

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