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5 Windows processors that will disappear on any computer

5 Windows processors that will disappear on any computer

The Microsoft Store is a reliable and secure source for new software. It offers many applications that you would definitely not want to do without over time.

1. WhatsApp:

No question about it, WhatsApp is number one in chat – even on PC. To do this, download the free “WhatsApp” app from the store. You can exchange messages and photos with your friends on the big monitor, send voice messages and make video calls. A QR code will appear when you start the application.

Open Whatsapp on your phone and go to “WhatsApp Web / Desktop” in Settings. Now take a photo of the QR code on the monitor – you can start chatting on your computer.


2. Alexa for Windows 10:

With the Alexa app, Amazon’s voice assistant also works on your desktop computer. For example, ask Alexa about the weather or read music as needed. Alexa can control the smart home devices in your home by reading messages. Sign in to the free processor with your Alexa account. If you do not have one yet, click “Create a new Amazon account” (for free). Enable hands-free mode so that Alexa works without pressing a button or clicking the mouse.


3. Netflix:

Do you see Netflix on your computer in your browser? It’s good that you are switching from the Microsoft Store to the Netflix app. This is because it offers additional features such as seamless playback and downloading images for picture-in-picture playback. You can find a comparable processor for Amazon Prime Video in the store.


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4. Cultural Journey:

The English language application “Microsoft City Art Church” is an educational jewel: you can visit museums around the world for free on the world map. You can view tens of thousands of popular classical paintings and download them as background images.

Microsoft City Art Search

5. Additional Fonts:

To do this, please enter fonts in the Store Search field. Click on the “Fonts – Discover new fonts” recommendation. The store now displays a number of free fonts including Ariel Nova, Georgia Pro, Gill Sans Nova, Nina and Verdana Pro, and Premium Rockwell Nova. These fonts also include Umlots and come from Microsoft.

Reading Note:

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