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Monkey Barrels - appear in the epic game store

Monkey Barrels – appear in the epic game store

Good-Feel Co., Ltd. .

This version of the MONKEY BARRELS for PC offers customization options including mouse and keyboard support, player-limited keyboard shortcuts, and support for multiple resolutions. It will have cross-play in the Nintendo Switch version, so players can fight online anytime, anywhere.

You can pre-order the PC version of MONKEY BARRELS from today. To commemorate the launch, players can purchase the game for just 99 8.99 (including tax) in the pre-purchase period, using a 40% pre-order discount. Optimized for PC and more accessible than ever, Monkey has never had a better time getting into barrels!

What’s new in the PC version? We are proud to introduce the following features in the PC version of Monkey Barrels to support a wide variety of settings and to provide a comfortable experience for PC and console gamers.

·Cross Play Mid Der Switch-Edition

In Banana Scramble Multiplayer mode, up to six players compete with each other, with the Nintendo Switch version of the game having cross-game, so you can compete against other players around the world regardless of platform.

·The 60 fps and resolution options together make for even more interesting graphics

At 60 fps speed, the game has excellent 3D pixel graphics and intense action is more fun than ever. Regardless of your scenario, the game offers you full clarity support.

·Support for mouse and keyboard input and custom keyboard shortcuts

Players can use a controller or mouse and keyboard. Game controls are customizable, so you can customize them to suit your computer and game style.

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40% off pre-sale! Available only for 99 8.99!

With the release of the PC version of MONKEY BARRELS, the game will be available for 99.99 (40% off) prior to purchase.

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