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5 Netflix Tips You Need to Know!

5 Netflix Tips You Need to Know!

Did you think you knew everything about the Netflix video operating system? However, there are many tips in it to improve the experience of its users! Discover the 5 features of script subtitles, offline download, HD implementation, and becoming a platform professional.

Netflix is ​​undoubtedly the world’s leading streaming video site. This difference, she does not deserve it. Aside from the numerous movies, series, documentaries and recent games, Netflix has many features. For example, under parental control, it invites you to choose the age restriction you want to apply to your children. Most recently, the site has also developed the Pick of the Day option.

1. Change the look of the verses

While TV channels often tend to offer movies in the French version, Netflix, for its part, has democratized watching the original version. If you are a fan of movies or series, you may want the “VOST” option. Opportunity to fully understand what is being said and immerse yourself in the content. The site gives you the opportunity to make full use of your “Netflix and Chil” session Manage the appearance of the verses according to your taste. It will not be easy! Go to the area My profile And click Subtitle scenes. Text size, background, shadows, color, everything is recommended, we have to do Save Your changes!

2. Download and view content offline

Do you need to go by train, metro or plane soon? Note that you can view your favorite content through the download option provided by Netflix. Since 2016, the platform offers its subscribers to download via iPhone and Android smartphone (as well as PC). To watch movies and series offline, click on the icon Downloads In the lower right of your app (on a smartphone). Will be displayed at the bottom of this page See download titles. The streaming platform offers a large number of movies, series and games to download. Once you have selected the content you want, click on it and press finally Download.

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3. Watch / listen to Netflix on audio presentation

Of Season 6Foreigner Now available on stage. Do not dare to wait until you are home to watch all the episodes? With the audio narration feature, you can listen to your favorite movies and series like story. On your mobile, go to the tab HouseChoose between The movie Where Series And then inside Each type. Roll the proposals until you reach the option Audio description. Alternatively, on your home screen, select “More Options”. Audio description Then a list of all compatible programs will appear. If you are on a Windows computer, just click the link Audio description At the bottom of the homepage, and access the available content.

4. Disable Autoplay Next Chapter

By default, when you watch a series, the streaming video platform starts the next chapter. This option may be practical, except when you are asleep before your series, without knowing which episode you have stopped. Disabling autoplay is very easy in the next episode. When you are on the homepage, click Account (Top right). And then click My profile And go to the section Reading settings. You can then uncheck the option Start the next chapter automatically. Of course, do not forgetTo save Your changes.

5. Force HD on Netflix

Netflix will, by default, set the quality of the video stream, depending on your Internet connection. However, keep in mind that it is possible to force the site to display your content with better definition. To do this, open the main menu and go to it Account. Section My profile You can change Reading settings. All you have to do is manually define the quality you want to be naturalTo save Your Wish.

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