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5 games for a switch for less than 5 euros

5 games for a switch for less than 5 euros

Nowadays you can save a lot of money on buying games using discounts in digital stores. This also applies Nintendo iShop, Offers are constantly available on very different topics, so we have thought well to give you advice The five best games are on sale for less than 5 euros.

If you are a long-time player or an aspiring young player, you may want to consider purchasing first Dragon Quest 3.49 euros or Dragon Quest II: The Glow of the Famous Line For 4.54 euros (or whatever you name both), by doing so you will rediscover the look of the most popular RPG sagas of all time. Without giving up the theme of nostalgia, we offer you Siberia2 For just 1.49, this is Kate Walker’s second popular adventure born from the genius of Benoit Sokal. An excellent appetite in sightuscita in Cyberia: The World Before, Only on your PC at the scheduled time.

We travel to the indie world to advise you in Italian The black paradox For € 4.49, a frantic rogue-light shooter was produced by Fantastico Studios in Pixel-Art along with a Syndave soundtrack, and Figure For 2.99 euros, the exploration of a unique and surreal universe is packed with colorful action and adventure games, music and comedy that will come with you. Our last choice is coming Bleeding2 For 4.49, the frantic arcade action game with a purple haired protagonist can mimic shots to eliminate the style of enemies and bosses (there is also the first episode for 3.59).

We take this opportunity to let you know that Nintendo is also on the eShop Sale for Mario Day su Paper Mario: Origami King e Super Mario Maker 2.

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