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421 at 2021/2022 ஒரு A Leak With Pokemon Millennium Nintendo Plans

421 at 2021/2022 ஒரு A Leak With Pokemon Millennium Nintendo Plans

A user has made public a Leakage Its 4chan About projects Nintendo For that 2021/2022. Is this information true or false? We do not know it yet, but the person who posted them has already predicted the announcement of some topics in the past. For example, The Leakage Awaiting the release of remakes Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Famicom Detective Series, Mario Golf Super Rush, Ninja Cayton Sigma trilogy e Skyward Sword HD.

Contents of the leak

According to 4chan’s user, this is a new game Metro in 2D It should leave soon. Also, the trilogy Metro Prime It can be carried out Nintendo Switch.

Is the Metro Prime coming to the Nintendo Switch?

The message certainly does not end here: more Dark Souls2 Can land Nintendo Switch. The Leakage Talks about a new game Kirby, Is still in development and in attendance Mario Kart 9 su Nintendo Switch.

The 4chan user then focused Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate. In this case we are not talking about the release of a new game, but about adding some characters Second Expansion Pass. Release Ryu Hayapusa, The protagonist of the series Ninja Cayton. The Leakage He believes that too Matoi de Fantasy Star Online 2 Will be included.

Leaked 4chan Nintendo
New characters coming from Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate?

Importantly, the news about this Leakage Its 4chan Not confirmed by Nintendo. Now they are blind, but believe that it is all true.