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In Long Way Town, you will get out of the dungeons by winning cards on Nintendo

The RPG type is very classic and offers solutions for all tastes from mainstream to mainstream. With A Is long Way Under Developers of Synapses Studio Have chosen to introduce the logic of Tech Building, Provides the player with a base of cards with attack and defense Dungeon Created approximately each time. In short, something extraordinary. Is called our protagonist Sam, A boy is tortured after a sudden death. To get out of it, the young man must wipe out many enemies Dungeon Guru, The villain on duty, has decided to put us everywhere to stop him. The goal is to pass, without dying in the endeavor.

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A long way down: between sites and panels

An RPG develops in a long way down town turns and explores dungeons and transforms real battle phases. Is at our disposal Points Action Play on the best e List Create road panel with exit panel. Each Dungeon It is built as a chaotic chessboard, and the valleys where these bridges are to be placed are full (there are many types). Along the way we can avoid some enemies, but conflict is often unavoidable: get used to it.

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A Is long Way Under Sam is not alone, but he also meets valuable allies for his last deck fights. It is also a good idea to practice battle stages from the beginning of the game to test the techniques in using the cards. They are of four types: Strategic, Attack, Defensive e Mixed. The challenging aspect of the title is that the deck is not infinite, and the risk of finding yourself in the middle without more cartridges to fire. In this case, life points are the chip that speaks of a heavy bargain to believe in success. A long way down certainly a video game that lacks much originality in the character of the net and enemies of certain graphic limits, which provides the perfect experience for lovers of the genre.

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