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37 million players for unmarked 4 - News

37 million players for unmarked 4 – News

That’s the most important data the California studio shared todayUnmarked4 Has never seen less than 37 million players since its release. This statistic certainly includes sales of the game (which is outrageous 16 million In October 2019) and players who approached the game as part of a subscription (PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now and most recently the PlayStation Plus Collection).

Among other figures, we also know that 13.3 million players participated in multiplayer. Despite the recent installment of Nathan Drake’s adventures and the growing business success of the birthright in November 2007, he felt that it would be better to send the naughty dog ​​to retire before releasing his explorer.Unmarked: Lost legacy In July 2017. Creative director and screenwriter Shawn Eskek recently I came back Naughty dog ​​after taking care of solo campaign Marvel’s Avengers.

Five years after its releaseUnmarked4While this article by Jason Schreier deserves to confirm that this possibility has been considered minimal, there is still no evidence that a new untitled is in development. According to the reporter, Bend Studio should be busy re-launching the franchise under Naughty Dog Training, but The days went by Rejects the offer and is now recruiting for its own AAA program.

The next release of Uncharted, so it will take place in the cinema. The film, starring Tom Holland, Mark Wallberg and Antonio Banderas, will be screened on February 16, 2022, a long delay due to the Govit-19 epidemic.

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