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Commute: GPX Import and Export – How It Works

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In Commot, a travel app, you can import routes in GPS format from other applications and save existing routes as GPX files. We show you how to do it.

Commute outdoor tourism application can import and export routes in GPX format.

Thanks to this function, you can easily use the means from other applications in the commute. Commute supports FIT and DCX path formats in addition to GPX when importing.

Thanks to the GPX export function, the routes planned in the commute can be easily uploaded and used there for other navigation applications.

Importing and exporting GPX files on Commute works through smartphone apps and on the Commute website. Depending on the application, one method or the other is highly recommended.

The following sections show you how to import and export GPX files on Commute.

Export routes to GPX on the Commute website

  1. 01.1 Commodity Website - Path01.1 Commodity Website - Path

    Log in to the commode website and select the path you prefer.

  2. 01.2 Commute Website - Path - Download for GPS Device01.2 Commute Website - Path - Download for GPS Device

    In the path details you can download the GPS file with the link “Download for GPS Device”.

Importing GPX files via the commute website is almost easy.

Exporting GPX files to the Commute app on a smartphone is designed to be slightly different than a website.

Importing GPX files into the commute app is similar to uploading from a website.

With GPX format, you can easily exchange routes between Commute and Google Maps and use the most relevant service on the go.

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We will explain in further steps how you can use the commode offline or save your mobile phone battery by using the commode option “Raise screen for news” or by connecting the commode with your Apple Watch.

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