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Free Games Days: 3 Free Xbox Games This Weekend Here |  Xbox One

3 Xbox Games With Gold Games To Download Now Here | Xbox One

The second wave of free games has now arrived as part of Games with Gold. Microsoft subscribers can now download the game Dead Rising and Xbox Breakdown. Frontlines: We also note that Fuel of War is provided free of charge to subscribers until the end of the month. It was released on Xbox 360 in 2008 by FBS, created by Chaos Studios.

What is Dead Rising?

Frank West, a freelance photojournalist, searches for the scoop of his life as he walks down an interesting path in a small suburban town when he realizes he has been attacked by zombies! He manages to escape into a local mall that is nowhere as safe as he thought. The war against the endless crowds of enemies seems to have been lost, but anything found in Frank Mall can be used to fight cannibalism and uncover the truth behind this terrible plague.

> Download Dead Rising

What is a fracture?

Trapped in a mysterious laboratory and unable to remember his past, Derrick Cole discovers his extraordinary powers while fighting for survival against a determined military unit and an army of invincible inhuman warriors!

> Download Breakdown

What are Frontlines: The Fuel of War?

Front Lines: The fuel for war is military-themed, first-person shooter, which includes infantry and vehicle battles. The Red Star’s youngest alliance, led by China and Russia, faces a Western alliance (the United States and the European Union) to control the last hydrocarbon reserves. The stage is set; The largest military powers can jump into battle to defend their interests and support their collapsed economies.

> Download Frontline: Fuel of War

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