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By 2020, the Earth will be changing faster than usual

By 2020, the Earth will be changing faster than usual


2020 is definitely a bizarre year as the earth has played tricks on us after global epidemics and locks. On average our planet has changed faster than usual with even faster and faster turns, thus reducing the length of the days. But be sure, there is nothing serious or worrying.

A day lasts 24 hours, or 1,440 minutes or 8,400 seconds. Well, in theory, because no day really lasts as long as the others. The difference in order of milliseconds is not very large, but it is sufficient if it can be measured.

There are physical reasons for this instability: Major movements Earth, oceans, and atmosphere influence the speed of our planet’s rotation, which is normal. There is also a historical trend to increase the length of the days.

However, when there was a record for the shortest day since 2020, 2005, it was surprising because it was the opposite. It was broken 28 times last year.

It is now July 19, 2020. To this day, the Earth itself took 24 hours minus 1.46 milliseconds to operate.

It seems like nothing, but together, these small deviations have an influence. The earth thus takes the lead compared to our most accurate atomic clocks.

Nothing big, but if this phenomenon were repeated in 2021, it could be considered a momentary return to find planetary rhythm.