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$ 3.5 million withdrawn for fake Pokémon cards -

$ 3.5 million withdrawn for fake Pokémon cards –

Seems to have got a happy ending to the famous story of Logan Paul EI $ 3.5 million Spent in a box Pokemon card Because the figure seemed to exist, it was false Refunded To YouTuber who became a boxer.

The thing is now known: Logan Paul has spent a terrible sum, or $ 3.5 million, for which there must have been a box containing very rare Pokமொmon cards, only to realize that these are false. This was confirmed by the Chicago Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE), a company that is supposed to ensure the authenticity of the items in the box: instead of Pokemon cards, there seem to have been GI Joe stickers inside.

Although the final official “episode” of the story, which is likely to end again on YouTube via video with Logan, has not yet arrived, it appears that the amount paid by the character involved has been withdrawn. Shine, I.e., the one who pocketed the monstrous amount for fake cards.

Logan Paul and Shine during a Pokemon cardboard box sale

On the other hand, it seems that he also did not know about it, he also bought the box from collectors Miliops and Card Kahuna without opening it.

In fact, for now it looks like Shine has a match in hand and now he will have to fight with these vendors, which is why he has already turned to some. legally. Truth be told, this whole affair seems to continue to be some kind of script for social media videos that will have a lasting impact, but we’ll wait to see how this affair develops further.

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