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296 GDP in Epic Games game - Nerd 4. Life is coming

296 GDP in Epic Games game – Nerd 4. Life is coming

Fortnight The result of a particular collaboration with is welcome Ferrari, It will bring 296 GDP As reported by both game developers and the Maranello Company, the epic game is in the world of sports.

First came the tweet from the official Fortnight account, which is somewhat obvious about the partner in the initiative, but more mysterious in terms of accuracy Collaboration, Then Ferrari further clarified the question, which reported the arrival of 296 GDP.

The arrival of the new supercar from Maranello is scheduled for tomorrow, July 22, 2021, Within Fortnight, but it is not yet clear how the car will be available, or if it is actually a vehicle that can be used by players on the map or if it is an element of the scene inserted in some way.

However, Ferrari’s message says that it is “fun to play at Fortnight”, which suggests an introduction Vehicle Like the cars from 2020 on Epic Games Shooter can now be used directly by players.

One of the other recent Fortnite collaborations is with LeBron James, while we are reminded of the special in Fortnite written by Salvador Plei, regarding the positive effects of the game in question.

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